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Counter the COVID-19 outbreak with free videomeetings

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Corona affects all of us: schools are closed, employers work remotely, all public events are cancelled and the government restricts unnecessary movement. We must take care of each other and help wherever we can.Working from home is the best you can do to help limit the risk of further breakout and help the bleeding economy.

It has always been Vectera’s mission to make remote meetings and communication better and more effective. Vectera is particularly useful for one-on-ones and client meetings.

We’ve seen an incredible spike in the usage of Vectera, especially in regions affected by the COVID-19 virus. We want people to embrace remote meetings and open up the service to as many people as possible.

To help you stay connected with your clients, colleagues, family or friends:

Vectera has decided to make our software free and public to everyone until 1st June 2020. Some major companies preceded us, and this how Vectera wants to make a change:

  • New users get the full package for free (incl. all extra features): normally €8,99/month/host + scheduling (€5,5) + customization (€5,5) -> free.
  • The accounts of existing paying users will automatically get an upgrade. All extra features will be added to their account for free.

You can now sign up and use all of Vectera for free until 1st June 2020.