Project omschrijving

At Squiggle Park, we take video games seriously. Our bite-sized games are effective in building mastery of foundational reading skills through practice and play.

For the first time, a learning game for students that is so much fun they chose to play. This engagement means kids practice their reading skills independently and while being challenged ultimately making the skills they need to be strong readers automatic.

Teachers have been using Squiggle Park as the reading game of choice in the classroom and this is what they have to say:

“I am a part of district with low reading scores. I decided to double the time my students played Squiggle Park and over the course of five weeks, they have been able to catch up to the strong readers. We are thrilled with this progress and love Squiggle Park.”

Our unique pedagogical approach focuses on 100 high frequency words that account for 50% of the words found in text.

All the data about each student is collected and shared with educators; cutting the time it takes to make decisions about literacy programs in half.

“Unlike other EdTech games where players answer a few questions after being introduced to a new skill before moving on to the next, Squiggle Park requires players to demonstrate mastery of each skill as it’s introduced and reinforces that mastery by constantly building upon the skills the player has already mastered.”

Neesha Desai, Ph.D., Product Manager